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Dr. Laura Graye, founder of Medigraytion, is a unique humanitarian and visionary scientist. Her passions, talents, and curiosities pushed her to pursue a broad variety of education and degrees that have provided a really interesting understanding of our consciousness, especially in the case of improving mental health.

Dr. Graye says that she finds that veterinary professionals “vibrate in a beautiful humanitarian way”. This is because individuals in the field are typically empathetic caregivers…to a fault. While kindness, caring, and empathy are great qualities, they are not to be shared at the expense of your own suffering. Dr. Graye shares how these beliefs and rules were learned in our childhood through receiving value from caring actions and we continue to uphold them today. When we lean into this behavior from a place of burnout we perpetuate that this can be expected and we invite others into our world that continue to expect burnout level behaviors.

The “small m mind” and the “Big M Mind” are two ways Dr. Graye defines our mind. The small m is the neural pathways, a built in map of rules and beliefs created from childhood. The Big M represents consciousness, in which you can instruct the energy in your mind, body, and psyche to act in a certain way.

Dr. Laura Graye’s Tips for Improving Consciousness

  • Ground and connect to yourself at the start of every workday
  • Bookmark the SMR [Self Manifested Reality] at moments of increased stress
  • Physical embodiment of grounding (chest taping, karate chopping, or a hidden movement) that puts yourself in your body during increased stress

If you want to learn more about Dr. Laura Graye you can find her via email or at her Medigraytion website.

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What’s Inside

  • How Dr. Laura Graye followed her passion and talents to shape a unique career.
  • How have your beliefs and rules shaped your current consciousness?
  • Why empathetic personalities often come from learned behaviors.
  • Do you invite people into your life to perpetuate your own cycle of burnout?
  • What are the “small m mind” and the “Big M Mind”?
  • Tips for increased consciousness in the veterinary workplace.

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About Crystal Stokes
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