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Dr. Cindy Trice is the founder of Relief Rover, an online community and resource for the needs of the veterinary relief sector. Dr. Trice has worked as a relief professional for the majority of her career and her personal experience in long-term veterinary positions has allowed her to see the importance and need for relief work in this profession.

Relief Work is where a professional fills in for a position whether a veterinarian is out sick, needs a break, is on vacation, or a practice is experiencing an increase in demand. For relief workers, this does not have to be a permanent career choice. You can work as a Relief Vet or Technician in any phase of your career whether you’re looking to take a break, explore, build your own business, or for a new place to land.

Relief Rover was created as a need for the community and profession for the first nationwide program to help build and improve healthy and productive business-to-business relationships. However it is not a staffing agency, Dr. Trice calls a “dating site” to introduce and support connections between relief workers and clinics but it does not facilitate the hiring and accepting of relief positions.

The mission behind Relief Rover is to engage, empower, and elevate relief professionals for the benefit of the entire profession. Dr. Trice sees Relief Work as an empowering tool to “try before you buy” for talent acquisition in the veterinary industry. You can find out more about Relief Rover at their website and social media as well as reach out to Dr. Trice with any questions you may have!

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What’s Inside

  • What is relief work in the veterinary industry?
  • How does Relief Rover support and connect relief workers and clinics?
  • Why are relief professionals so important?
  • How can relief work benefit veterinarians?

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