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As providers in the veterinary industry, we have compassionate hearts, always wanting to help pets and their people too. But palliative care can be hard to bear, especially when you’re having difficult conversations daily.

Dr. Rachel Venable is the owner of Pet Cancer Care Consulting, where she offers teleconsulting. Telemedicine is growing in the vet industry and can be a great option for providers and clients when it comes to access, availability, cost barriers, and time value. Dr. Venable shares some ‘need to know’ information when it comes to telemedicine and operating within your state’s regulations.

The reality of vet care, especially palliative care, is that you can’t always cure the pet. So how do you tell your clients bad news? Dr. Venable shares her tips on how to navigate these conversations so that you can be the most educational, supportive, and kind provider.

  1. Plan Your Conversation – What are you going to say? Consider what the goals of care might be and what you CAN offer to the client
  2. Refine Communication and Nonverbal Cues – How do you communicate in general? Consider your language, tone, and body language.
  3. Utilize Silence – Silence is powerful. When you deliver bad news, let natural silence have its place; clients will cue you to continue speaking when they’re ready.
  4. Find a Safe Space to Vent – You don’t have to handle bad news alone. Vent and appropriately let out emotions to co-workers and trusted friends, so that you have emotional space to continue.

When it comes to navigating these hard conversations and executing professional communication in vet care, Dr. Venable encourages providers to seek resources like continuing education courses as well as podcasts.

If you’re interested in contacting Dr. Venable about her teleconsulting, you can reach her via her website in the format that applies to your situation!

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What’s Inside

  • How to navigate difficult conversations like giving bad news.
  • How your communication skills impact delivery of news to clients.
  • The power of silence in difficult conversations. 
  • The benefit of telemedicine in the veterinary industry.
  • Navigating laws and rules in telemedicine and teleconsulting.

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About Crystal Stokes
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