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Dr. Neil Shaw is the founder of SignalPET, where he has worked to refine revolutionary AI technology to boost veterinary confidence and reduce stress with assisted diagnostics.

When a pet comes in for care, there are a variety of scenarios that could take place, and many fall to a pivotal question: Do they need radiology? This question can lead to an out of office referral, long wait times, or even skipping radiology due to a lower confidence veterinarian or maybe a lack of funds from the client. This can mean lower care benefits for the patient and client.

The technology behind SignalPET provides support that was once only available to a few—to millions. This AI works across the globe to read in house radiographs and deliver reliable, confident results while the patient is still in the exam room. Vets no longer need to stress about whether they should or should not recommend radiology because it’s more accurate and affordable. Leveling up care and lowering the barriers.

When a technology such as this enters the space, it can be scary, especially for radiologists. But during my chat with Dr. Neil Shaw, I was assured that this is an asset to be used with confidence alongside your expertise, strengthening your trust with your clients. While also reducing time to read films, reach patients, and create care plan steps.

You can find out more about SignalPET by visiting their website or LinkedIn.

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What’s Inside

  • A danger to emphasis on specialities when it comes to general veterinary practice.
  • A solution for immediate exam room support for GP Vets.
  • How SignalPET, an AI company is transforming radiology for veterinarians.
  • A revolutionary way to raise the level of care while lowering the barrier.

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