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Does your veterinary job leave you depleted? Worn out? Reaching for chocolate and caffeine day after day after day? Kirbie Be had the same experience when she was an elementary school teacher. She shares with us her story of declining physical and mental health… all culminating in a big shift when she took a contract in the Caribbean at a prep school for the families of those at the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine.

It was there in St. Kitts that Kirbie changed her life, and everyone noticed! She began building and learning a series of healthy habits that benefited her health (physically and mentally), and even though she was spending more time on herself, her energy was overflowing. This is where Vet Vive Wellness was born.

From starting a yoga and fitness studio on the island to helping veterinarians at the university reach their health goals, Kirbie has created programs and spaces for veterinarians and veterinary students to recover, reduce stress, and build habits that not only impact their health but improve their performance at work and school.

In a career with little to no margin for error, it’s easy to develop an all or nothing mindset while striving for perfection. Kirbie’s biggest advice is to not give in to all or nothing. Choose your goals, list the skills needed to reach those goals, and break them down into actionable habits one small step at a time.

If you want to learn more about Kirbie and Vet Vive Wellness, you can visit her website, socials, or send them an email.

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What’s Inside

  • The cost of prioritizing your career over your own health
  • How healthy skills and habits can improve your job performance
  • Healthy habits and their link to mental health
  • Tips for introducing new health habits with success

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About Crystal Stokes
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