1-1 Personalized Coaching & Consulting

What to Expect in the 1-1 Personalized Coaching & Consulting Program

The 1-1 Personalized Coaching & Consulting Program can be provided virtually or in-person and is ideal for vet med professionals who seek a more confidential and personalized form of engagement. Come to these sessions with your most pressing needs and concerns to receive thoughtful, evidence-based support to help you move forward.

Commonly Addressed Topics

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  • Complex problems
  • Goal and strategy mapping 
  • Roadblock identification
  • Confidence and skills building
  • Personal wellness
  • Interpersonal dynamics with coworkers
  • Boundaries
  • Fear or stuckness



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  • Confidential and personalized 
  • Virtual or in-person
  • 30, 60, or 90-minute sessions
  • Accountability support
  • Between session text/email/call support
  • Month-to-month flexible engagement
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