Foundations Workshop Program

Each Foundations Program Topic Includes:

  • Pre and post-surveys or assessments to quantify improvements in indicated skills sets
  • Printable handouts to facilitate engagement
  • Creation of action and implementation plan
  • 1-month follow-up with leadership staff to support implementation


  • 3.5 – 4 hours via Zoom or in-person
  • Ideal for a maximum of 12 team members if virtual
  • Email access to pre and post-surveys or assessments
  • Email access to handouts
  • 2 one-hour implementation Zoom meetings with the leadership team over the course of the month following the workshop

Focus Area Topics

Full Circle Lab Icon#1: Improve Communication and Team Dynamics with Personality Typing

Poor communication and difficult team dynamics quickly erode the effectiveness and efficiency of a team leading to burnout and increased turnover rates within practices. Applying tools such as personality typing, team members will come away from this workshop with a personal playbook of how to best support and communicate with fellow team members.

Full Circle Lab Icon#2: Decrease Stress, Build Trust with Psychological Safety

Psychological safety entails creating a safe environment where your team members can make mistakes (and learn from them), speak up, and more fully connect and collaborate with each other. This workshop confidentially measures current levels of psychological safety within your team and facilitates constructive discussion on the evidence-based elements required to build more safety.

Full Circle Lab Icon#3: From Toxic to Constructive Conflicts

Constructive conflict involves using frustration and conflict to build stronger, more resilient teams that are able to accurately identify and productively work through problems as they arise.

This workshop covers evidence-based strategies to move through conflicts constructively and reliably. Team members will have an opportunity to practice skills with each other and strengthen skills to use with clients as well as other team members. Team members will also receive a Constructive Conflicts 1-Page Guide for quick reference at any time.

Full Circle Lab Icon#4: From Anxious and Stressed to Courageous and Confident

How do we shift from feeling extremely anxious to more courageous or confident? This workshop will deepen your understanding of what anxiety really is and how it really works. From there, you will learn to identify which part of the anxiety cycle you may often find yourself in and how to break the cycle. We will explore both physical and mental practices that are useful in changing how you respond to anxiety. Ultimately, you will come away with steps you can practice to manage anxiety while building more courage and confidence.

Full Circle Lab Icon#5: Building Burnout Resilience

Burnout is a leading reason vet med professionals site for leaving the profession. In this workshop, you will discover the factors contributing to burnout personally and systemically within your practice. You will also have the option of assessing your team’s current level of burnout. Your team will then learn evidence-based strategies to build resilience both at work and while away. You and your team will leave this workshop with an action plan and concrete steps you can begin to implement immediately.

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