Leadership & Wellness Coaching

The Leadership & Wellness Coaching Program is built for experienced or emerging leaders and clinic staff who are interested in increasing their level of resilience and wellness in order to be more confident and effective in their work. This program is especially complimentary to other types of leadership development where building more self-awareness, interpersonal skills, and confidence will be beneficial.

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Ideal for individuals or groups of leaders or clinical staff who are eager to build resilience, wellness, and to optimize their performance and confidence.

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We will discuss your top professional goals, identify key metrics to track, and design a customized strategy to help you reach your professional goals. 

Full Circle Lab IconGOALS

  • Professional Goals and Metrics
  • Subjective Perception of Leadership Performance
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Employee Management
    • Negotiation
    • Decision-making
    • Organizational Change Management
  • Resilience Skills
      • Mindfulness, Boundaries, and Self-Care
      • Psychological Safety
      • Conflict and Feedback
      • Communication, Belonging and Teamwork
      • Stress and Anxiety Resilience Skills
        Burnout, Compassion Fatigue, Secondary Traumatic Stress Recovery and Prevention

Full Circle Lab IconLOGISTICS

Location: Virtual via Zoom Conferencing. In-person options may be considered for special cases.

Time Period: Minimum of 1 month

Scheduling: Contact us for availability.

Deliverables: Assessment report, goal progress tracking, monthly progress review

Participation Requirements: Leadership staff who have the capability and bandwidth to engage in consultation sessions and carry out agreed upon assignments.

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