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Reducing Turnover and Burnout in Vet Med through Retention Advisement and Leadership & Wellness Coaching

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Retention Advisement Program

Leadership & Wellness Coaching

Resilience Workshop for Team Building

Full Circle Lab Bridges The Gap Between Leadership And Their Teams.
We Can Help If You Want…

  • Clarity about what your people REALLY want and need.

  • Physical, psychological, and social health of your people as a foundation to your company’s long term success, profitability, and performance.

  • Your practice(s) to reach their potential and to ensure a profitable future.

  • A solid base of resilient and dedicated team members in order to grow and scale.

  • To validate your gut feelings or deepen your understanding before taking action.

  • To grow in your current role and be a more effective leader.


Our Benefits

Increased Retention

Reduce turnover by enhancing employee satisfaction initiatives. FCL helps you identify resilience weaknesses such as burnout, toxic team dynamics, and lack of psychological safety. We support employers who are ready to do what it takes to truly be an employer of choice.

Engaged and Empowered Staff

FCL bridges the communication gap between leadership and their team. We help you show your team(s) that you are really listening and care by engaging your team to be a part of the solution. This is where top-down and bottom-up initiatives meet.

Build Resilient Teams

FCL helps you weather the storms of labor shortages, high intensity workdays, and unexpected hardships through resiliency-building strategies that help teams pull together during stressful times, identify warning signs of problems such as burnout, and proactively engage solutions.

Healthy People for Healthy Practices

FCL believes that healthy people make healthy practices. A healthy team ensures great medicine, productivity over time, and financial stability. We support your teams in identifying barriers to their resilience and how to implement team-wide strategies to level-up the health of the entire team for sustained productivity.

Advisory Services

Leadership & Wellness Coaching

Built for experienced or emerging leaders as well as clinic staff who are interested in increasing their level of resilience and wellness in order to be more confident and effective in their work.

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Retention Advisement Program

A program is designed to support current or past engagement and retention efforts and is ideal for single or groups of practices that feel a need for more support and guidance, or that current efforts are falling short, and want to enhance their current retention initiatives.

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Resilience Workshops For Team Building

A portfolio of team training workshops on critical topics such as how to address conflicts, improve communication, build psychological safety, address anxiety/stress, recovery from compassion fatigue, and increase burnout resilience.

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Keynote, workshops, and webinars focused on motivating and actionable solutions to pressing vet med challenges such as burnout, staff/client communication, cohesive culture, anxiety and stress, to name a few.

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