Advisory Services

Retention Advisement Program

Minimum 3-month engagement

Onsite and virtual options

Review current practice data (eNPS, etc)

Targeted confidential interviews

Retention Report

Leadership advisement, planning, timeline

Leadership implementation support

Foundations Workshop Program

Leadership & Wellness Coaching

Monthly retainer

Virtual engagement

1:1 confidential coaching sessions

Emergency call support

Personal and professional development project support

Monthly leadership staff check in
Group coaching and mediation upon request

Resilience Workshops for Team Building

1 hour, 2 hour, and half day mini-retreat options

Onsite and virtual options

Highly engaging

Builds team rapport

Improves resilience to stress

Addresses common challenges such as Burnout, Stress and Anxiety, Personality and Team Dynamics, Psychological Safety

Our Proven 3-Step Process

We bridge the communication gap between staff and leadership.

We help teams clarify their needs, uncover solutions they want to be a part of, and communicate them effectively to leadership.

We then work together to create solutions that the entire team is a part of to boost buy-in and effective implementation.

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