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You are going to love this conversation with Get MotiVETed Founder, Renee Machel. Get MotiVETed offers comprehensive wellbeing solutions for veterinary professionals. Their programs enhance individual and organizational wellness through world-class systems and entertaining content. Services include a CVBP Program, podcasts, RACE-approved courses, and personalized initiatives. They also provide suicide prevention and postvention services.

Get MotiVETed University [GMU] was born from the idea—what happens after the conference? With tools for support and empowerment, they offer self paced programs for a variety of content. Renee shares how the GMU team works to accept and input feedback and how valuable every single testimonial is. 

You can feel the passion from Renee as she discusses the work she does with Get MotiVETed and beyond. As we close out our conversation, she reminds listeners that there is hope. There are so many ways to get support; there is a person for you, a course for you, a book for you—there is something out there. You are not alone.

You can find out more about Renee and Get MotiVETed at the provided links for their websites and LinkedIn.

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What’s Inside

  • What is Get MotiVETed University?
  • Continuing education beyond the conference.
  • How can members of the vetmed industry benefit from GMU?
  • Finding support in the Vet Med industry.

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About Crystal Stokes
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