“How much does it cost to work with Full Circle Lab?”

The program cost varies depending on the size of your team and the involvement of our team.

In some cases, we work with hospitals on an hourly basis and in other cases, it makes more sense to set up a retainer to allow for more flexibility.

We take all the time needed to learn about your team and your goals to co-create a plan that supports your financial goals as well.

“We’re already super swamped. How much time do we need to dedicate to this program?”

This program is designed for busy leaders and teams, just like yours. Full Circle Lab understands that time is one of the most limited resources within clinics. We work together to create flexible programs that work with your team and the clinic’s schedule limitations.

“Will this program take place online or in person?”

That’s up to you!

We often provide our services and support virtually using Zoom, WhatsApp, text, email, and Slack as well as support from G-Suite.

We absolutely love to work in person whenever possible as we feel the personal connections are most powerful when we are in close proximity. We are located in Santa Barbara, CA, and happily discuss travel to meet clients outside of this location.

“My employee is struggling. I want him/her to feel supported and happy in his/her role. Can you help?”

YES! We love working with leadership to help with employee performance and satisfaction. Often employees feel overwhelmed and burned out.

Providing skills to manage stress, and anxiety, and connect with the meaning within their role often leads to much higher levels of work satisfaction and performance. 

More Questions?

Email us at [email protected]