Resilience Workshops For

Team Building

Resilience Workshops for Team Building is designed for both groups of leaders, such as practice managers across a region, as well as entire veterinary teams. We work together to identify the areas of resilience that are most lacking and then provide highly interactive and engaging training to strengthen areas of weakness.

This program is highly complementary to retention and engagement efforts as it provides foundational skills that are required for veterinary professionals to face ongoing realities such as understaffing, compassion fatigue, and difficult client interactions.

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Ideal for groups of 5-25 consisting of regional leadership, such as practice managers and hospital administrators OR an entire clinical team. You can think of this as a half-day team building retreat. It blends well with your current efforts around team engagement and retention.

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Location: Virtual via Zoom Conferencing. In-person options may be considered for special cases. 

Time Period: Varies

Scheduling: Contact us for availability.

Implementation Support: This is provided throughout the process and is especially heavy following the half-day training. These support sessions are tailored to your questions to allow for maximum timely impact. Brief time-sensitive calls or emails are permitted. 

Participation Requirements: Leadership staff who have the capability and bandwidth to distribute surveys; ensure completion; make decisions; complete homework; attend required meetings; and implement change.  

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We will survey the group prior to the training to establish baseline resilience metrics and to identify the areas of greatest concern. We will also meet with leadership to discuss concerns, goals, and logistics.

We then provide a half-day training that incorporates didactic and experiential modalities for a highly engaging and applicable process. Attendees come away with clear, concise, and actionable takeaways that they will apply to their clinics and teams.

We continue to work alongside your attendees for 2 additional virtual group sessions to support implementation and guidance through roadblocks or unexpected challenges.

Finally, we repeat our survey at 60 or 90 day increments to track improvements and plan for the next training if applicable.

Deliverables: Pre-training and post-training Vet Med Resilience Assessment, leadership consultation and planning, half-day interactive training, printed and virtual concise and actionable implementation guides, two follow up group support sessions. 

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