Retention Advisement Program

The Retention Advisement Program is designed to support current or past engagement and retention efforts. If you have already surveyed your team but feel unsure of how to use the data this program will benefit you. Additionally, if you are already implementing engagement and retention strategies, but feel you need more support and guidance, or that your efforts are falling short, you will find this program to be a good fit.

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Ideal for single or groups of practices that are experienced with assessing and addressing engagement and retention, but are seeking to enhance their current initiatives.

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We continue to work alongside your leadership team for a 3-month duration to support implementation and guidance through roadblocks or unexpected challenges.

Deliverables: Direct advisement, past survey data review, Vet Med Resilience Assessment, synthesized data report, concise and actionable recommendations, implementation support. 

Implementation Support: This is provided throughout the process and is especially heavy following the data report review. These support sessions are tailored to your questions to allow for maximum timely impact. Brief time-sensitive calls or emails are permitted.

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We will review the data from your past surveys, conduct an additional Resilience Assessment, conduct targeted interviews to fully illuminate the areas that require the most attention, and work directly with practice leadership to identify the resiliency gaps of your current processes.

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Location: Virtual via Zoom Conferencing. In-person options may be considered for special cases.

Time Period: 3 months

Scheduling: Contact us for kick-off availability. Once kick-off commences we will proceed with scheduling all necessary meetings. 

Participation Requirements: Leadership staff who have the capability and bandwidth to distribute surveys; ensure completion; make decisions; complete homework; attend required meetings; and implement change. 

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