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Ryan Leech starts out this really intriguing conversation with a case for AI and why it is not to be feared. The bottom line is that AI tools like Chat GPT, Spotify DJ, and Digitails AI Tool: Tails are human prompted and meant to offload time consuming and often mundane tasks so that we can do the things we’re skilled at.

Digitails has introduced AI into their PMS in the form of a cute little fox friend, Tails. Tails can help vet clinics with everything from online booking, patient intake, debriefing before appointments, note taking with passive listening, diagnostic recommendations, and even sending perfectly worded emails about the payments clients may have missed. These tasks that Tails takes on free up the veterinarian’s brain to be more present in appointments, see more clients, and do other important things their brain may be too burnt out to get to.

Like Ryan mentions at the beginning of the episode, AI is meant to be proofread. Everything Tails suggests is not an affirmative action; instead, it can be a secondary opinion, giving veterinarians the confidence to explore other options even if they decide to stick to their original plan. What a cool way to keep learning through day-to-day practice!

Ryan explains how listeners can try Tails and, if you’re not yet a Digitails customer, what their onboarding process looks like. As he describes, changing PMS is not painless…but with Digitails, it’s worth it. There is really so much opportunity on the horizon with technology like AI; Ryan’s advice is to just try it!

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What’s Inside

  • Should you be afraid of AI?
  • How AI can help veterinarians day to day.
  • How Tails, the AI system from Digitails works with and for veterinarians.
  • Opportunities AI can create in the vet med industry.

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