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The reality of being a veterinarian is that you create relationships and bonds with the pets you work with over the years, and the longer your career, the more pets you see in full circle.

The process of euthanasia for Dr. Pam Johnson’s childhood Doberman impacted her entire career. She knew she wanted to do better for the pets and clients she would encounter. 10 years into her career, she began to feel the heaviness of grief after losing so many pets she had cared for over the years.

We have a powerful conversation about the needs of the client AND the vet during the process of euthanasia. This involves empathy, compassion, and support before, during, and after the act. It’s also important for vets to understand and respect differing opinions on the quality of life of a pet. Vets should be able to provide reassurance and peace alongside the unavoidable pain of pet loss.

As a veterinarian, you likely experience euthanasia daily, which can take a huge mental toll. Especially with the ying yang of emotions of grieving a pet to turn around and enter a joyous puppy in the next exam room. Dr. Johnson addresses the lack of training and support for vets when it comes to such an emotional service as euthanasia.

Dr. Johnson and her husband have started a new consulting and coaching business, Veterinary Mastermind. She uses her 30 years of experience in vet medicine to help vets advise clients with extraordinary pet health decisions.

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What’s Inside

  • Why euthanasia cannot be a transactional experience.
  • Advising and supporting clients through euthanasia.
  • The need for more support, coaching, and training when it comes to emotional services.
  • Navigating euthanasia as a veterinarian.
  • Grieving while supporting; The mental load of a veterinarian.

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About Crystal Stokes
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