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Are we in a rebirth of humanity? Today I’m talking with Jean Marie DiGiovanna, a Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer, and Executive Coach. Jean Marie specializes in leadership development, team effectiveness, and innovation. Through her work she has developed a framework she calls Renaissance Leadership, based on 5 principles embodying the mindset of the Renaissance Period, a time of rebirth and invention. 

The 5 Principles of Renaissance Leadership

  1. Ask New Questions: Be curious, ask the questions that no one is asking. Shift the Why to What and How and open the dialog.
  2. Honor the Diversity: Be open to other cultures, perspectives, and ideas. Honor the whole person, valuing talent and humanity beyond the workplace.
  3. Connect to Innovate: Collaborate and surround yourself with others who are different and think different from you.
  4. Act with Accountability: Take responsibility and have integrity for both your actions and inactions. 
  5. Magnify the Impact: Take your ideas and share them with other departments, groups, and organizations.

Jean Marie breaks down each of these principles and the skills and traits within them that she helps her clients practice to become a Renaissance Leader. When you’re asking the right questions with an open and curious mind, the value of your own leadership and your team makes an impactful shift. She shares big questions that leaders can use to unlock potential in their team, like: What skills have I overlooked in you? 

Be sure to check out Jean Marie’s website to access tools, questions, and leadership tips. Stop Talking Start Asking, Jean Marie’s book is available on Amazon and bonus tools can be found at the books website.

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What’s Inside

  • What is Renaissance Leadership?
  • What are the 5 Principles of Renaissance Leadership?
  • How to shift the Why and ask new questions.
  • Why curiosity is the key to powerful listening.
  • Is accountability a myth?
  • What are 10 questions to unlock hidden talent and new ideas among your team?

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