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What would anyone want with veterinary hospital data? Clint Latham J.D is the founder of Lucca Veterinary Data Security, where he helps veterinarians understand the value of their data and take the necessary steps to protect it.

Veterinary hospitals spend years building up their customer database. What would happen if they lost it all? What would the value of their hospital be left with? Cyber-security is important and while Clint emphasizes how he helps with that, he also touches on an important subject: psychological security and safety.

Psychological safety is the idea that employees and staff feel secure and safe in the event of failure or errors. Too often Clint receives calls from angry hospital management blaming a staff member, and usually because of this negative culture, recovering data is that much harder. Without psychological security, staff are much more likely to incorrectly attempt to problem-solve, cover up errors, and other mistakes that lead to more data corruption and problems when Clint’s team gets involved.

Clint talks about the distinct difference he feels when entering a hospital with a positive culture versus a negative one. And it impacts data security, one of the hospital’s most valuable resources, more than you think it does. Clint shares Amy Edmonson’s 7 questions you can ask your team to understand and improve psychological safety in your team. Be sure to take a look at this resource we’ve linked, in order to work on this culture and foster psychological security within your hospital. You cannot measure your psychological safety and security posture without measuring it!

If you haven’t considered data security and psychological safety in your veterinary hospital, you can find out more about Clint on LinkedIn, and Lucca Veterinary Data Security website, as well as various resources including his eBook, 5 Simple Steps to Protect Your Practice.

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What’s Inside

  • What is the value of data security in veterinary medicine?
  • What is psychological safety and security?
  • How can poor hospital culture affect psychological safety and security?
  • How can hospital management improve psychological safety?
  • Can poor psychological security increase cyber-security risks?

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