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Most veterinarians enter their practice because they love medicine and patient-client care… not because they love the details of running a business. In fact, these responsibilities can cause overwhelm, and burnout, and can cause general care in the clinic to suffer. Dr. Ira Gordon is a veterinarian who has experienced the same fate. He loved veterinary medicine but the burden of running his practice and trying to manage all aspects was simply impossible. Dr. Gordon’s journey led him to become the Chief Veterinary Officer of Vetcelerator.

Vetcelerator is a company that takes on all of the managerial and backend responsibilities for independent practice owners so that they can focus on what they love: Vet Medicine. The kicker? They do not take ANY ownership. Until now the only way to relieve yourself from these burdens would be to sell your practice to a corporation, which can often come with its own struggles. If you’re considering selling your hospital to a corporation, you could be worried it’s not necessarily in the best interest of your particular clinic. Decisions aren’t made individually but for the group as a whole, and it could create a shift in culture, and staff may experience feelings of disconnection and abandonment. It’s a complicated, mixed bag because depending on the corporation and situation, people have had both positive and negative outcomes. With Vetcelerator, YOU maintain ownership and the final say in all decisions made for your clinic.

When onboarding new clinics, Vetcelerator begins with a Discovery Call. This call allows the team to discuss needs, concerns, and desires with clinic owners. Veteceletor follows up this call with a clinic performance review, where they look for processes and operations they can lend assistance with, review financials, and get a whole picture of the clinic they will be working with. Next, they will review their assessment with the clinic owner to determine if they are a good fit and go over cost and coverage. The goal of Vetcelerator is not just to relieve clinic owners of burnout-causing responsibilities but to improve the clinic both financially and functionally.

I see Vetcelerator as the “Goldilocks” of the veterinary industry if you’re looking for that just right option between the total control of corporate and the overwhelming responsibility of doing it all on your own. And you don’t have to be near the Vetcelerator office to become a client, they offer their virtual support and clinic management assistance all over the country. With Vetcelerator, you do not have to be trained in business to successfully own your practice, just leave the backend operations to them.

You can find out more about Vetcelerator by visiting their website and connecting with Dr. Ira Gordon, Chief Veterinary Officer on LinkedIn.

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What’s Inside

  • What is Vetcelerator?
  • How to offload backend responsibilities and maintain independent ownership.
  • How Vetcelerator can reduce veterinarian burnout and overwhelm.
  • How you can focus on the skills you love in your veterinary practice.
  • Delegating practice managing tasks so you can focus on good medicine and patient/client care.

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