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If you’re like me, seeing the news…some situations can feel so far away and removed. But they are very real, and in the case of the War in Ukraine, there is something you can do to help. 

In war-torn Ukraine, it is estimated…
6,000,000 domestic animals have died
50,000 dolphins in the Black Sea have died
Hundreds of thousands to millions of wild animals are threatened
And the number of companion animals that have been killed or abandoned is assumed to be in the millions.

Galaxy Vet Foundation, the non-profit arm of Galaxy Vets (featured in episode 30: The Galaxy Way, Systematically Preventing Veterinary Burnout with Dr. Ivan Zak) has taken the initiative to provide help where they can. They are currently providing free telehealth and telemedicine to pet owners in Ukraine. This is supported by volunteer veterinarians, vet techs, and vet assistants. 

The free telehealth provided by Galaxy Vets to Ukraine shares general advice, directs emergent care, provides support and resources, and in some cases prescribed medication through online pharmacies. Care is provided via Live Chat uploading photos and links when needed and using Google Translate to break the language barrier.

Director of the foundation, Dr. Andew Ciccolin, and telehealth volunteer, Dr. Kelly Cooper explains some of the challenges involved in providing telehealth, inspiring stories, and the benefits that come along with this up-and-coming service. Not only is telehealth important in emergent situations like war-torn Ukraine but the use of telehealth and even teletriage is so useful in North America as we try to reduce burdens on clinics and veterinary staff.

If you want to help the Galaxy Vet Foundation and their mission to help animals, pet owners, and veterinarians in Ukraine: Find and follow them on social media, Share and spread the word, Donate to their efforts, and veterinary professionals can sign up to become a telehealth volunteer.

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What’s Inside

  • How is the war in Ukraine affecting domestic and wild animals?
  • How are pet owners affected by the war in Ukraine?
  • What Galaxy Vet Foundation is doing to help animals and pet owners in Ukraine?
  • International Telehealth providing free telemedicine to Ukraine.
  • What is teletriage and how can it be useful in the US?
  • How can you help Galaxy Vets initiative to help in Ukraine?

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About Crystal Stokes
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