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Booster Pet is leading a revolution in the veterinary care industry. CEO of Booster Pet, Dr. Katie Cutter, joins me to explain their model and the wellness benefits that come along with it.

The veterinary industry has experienced a lot of change over the years and a lot of struggles, and as Dr. Cutter points out, it needs to step back and build sustainable systems to support the industry. Those in vet care deserve wellness and quality of life, while doing a job they love. Booster Pet is just that!

Dr. Cutter explains how they utilize clinic telemedicine to leverage their veterinarians, vet techs, and other hospital staff to create efficient, complete wellness exams. Every clinic offers these staffed telemed visits while having one boots on ground veterinarian with support for urgent care situations. These visits offer the flexibility of telehealth without limiting care; they are fully supported by highly trained techs with a full diagnostic scope featuring highly developed technology.

With Booster Pet, veterinarians and vet techs see benefits like higher than industry standard wages, focused daily jobs, and more. While clients and patients have increased access to quality care.

The sustainable systems built by Booster Pet are an answer to problems in the veterinary industry, and prove you can have profitable clinics AND happy staff, clients, and patients.

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What’s Inside

  • What is the Booster Pet model?
  • Utilizing clinic telemedicine for more efficient wellness visits.
  • How the structure of Booster Pet benefits staff, clients, and patients.
  • A veterinary model that is built on sustainable systems.

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