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Dr. David DiMeo is a veteran Veterinarian in his 40th year in the field. His journey has brought him from growing up on the shores of Rhode Island to his practice, Mountain Parks Veterinary Hospital, in Colorado.

Dr. David DiMeo with his dogs, Rascal, Willow and Gandalf. Rascal is his 15-year-old girl and the darker golden, Willow is 2 years old, and she is the cream-colored Golden. Gandalf is dark brown and black. He is a 2-year-old Belgian Tervuren.

Having been a part of the industry for decades, Dr. DiMeo has seen the changes overtime, experienced highs and lows, and has some wisdom when it comes to dealing with common stressors. There is one common stressor when I’ve talked to guests in the past and that is Compassion Fatigue. Dr. DiMeo brings up two unique facets of this that really add to the stress of compassion.

Most Veterinary Professionals get into the field because they love animals, and at times may not love human to human interaction. What some may fail to realize until they are in the practice is that with every animal comes a human or human family attached to it, in which you have to consider their emotions and feelings along the course of treatment. Additionally, veterinarians see their patients on a much longer term basis. Most human doctors will never see a patient from birth through the course of their life until death. However, many veterinarians will develop relationships with families and their baby animals and provide treatment for over a decade until the natural death of an animal. Both of these observations can be draining, overwhelming, and cause stress.

Dr. DiMeo also talks about the stress of debt that can lead to burnout from overworking with younger or newer veterinarians fresh from medical school. As a practice owner, Dr. DiMeo also shares about the many stresses involved in operating a practice, especially in an owner’s early days before they’ve hired the much needed help.

So how do you deal? Dr. DiMeo’s secret to thriving in the field for as long as he has is positivity. For him, remembering why he does what he does and genuinely seeing the impact he is making allows him to see more positives than negatives. We also talk about the act of Receiving Gratitude. When your clients show appreciation, be sure to say thank you and take the time to feel that appreciation. Dr. DiMeo’s other tips for others managing stress in the field is to constantly challenge yourself and keep learning, and make time for things you love outside of work.

You can find Dr. DiMeo on LinkedIn, reach him by email, or view his practice, Mountain Parks Veterinary Hospital, on their website.

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What’s Inside

  • What are common stressors veterinary professionals are dealing with in the industry today?
  • Long term patient relationships, a unique look at compassion fatigue.
  • The importance of receiving and feeling gratitude.
  • How to stay positive in the midst of big stressors.

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