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Burnout, stress, overwhelm, fatigue…These cannot be the feelings coming from working in a field that brings you joy and aligns with your life. Dr. Amanda Doran shares her experience of burnout and overwhelm in a position that wasn’t right for her, and how she began her journey to create resonance in work and life.

“What is wrong with me?” A question we often ask ourselves, when things aren’t turning out the way we thought. We are in control of ourselves and our feelings… so we must be to blame. We turn to ourselves, but instead of placing blame, we can insight change. Dr. Doran discusses some of the steps she took to create work life resonance for herself.

Decide what you DON’T want.

This can often be the easiest conversation to have because it’s glaring in your face and there may be a long list of things to get out of the way.

Take a personality assessment.

What are you good at? What is right for you? Dr. Doran recommends the Gallup Strength Assessment, I love the Enneagram, there are many out there that could be the right fit.
Decide what you DO want.
Ask yourself what you want and start imagining what it would be like to have and do those things? Envision it.

Start taking steps.

Reaching work life resonance is not one big step, but an accumulation of small ones. What small steps, shifts, and adjustments can you start TODAY to change your life tomorrow.
Now as an artist, author, and practicing in-home euthanasia, Dr. Doran is living a life filled with joy. She shared that her hardest days at work are still better than her best days in her previous positions. You deserve a life filled with joy, resonance, and energy funneling back and forth between work and life. If you’re interested in a deeper conversation with Dr. Amanda Doran, you can find her via email or at her various websites and social media.

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What’s Inside

  • What is work life resonance?
  • How to create a life where work and your everyday resonate.
  • How to find alignment in work and life.
  • A solution for finding work that fills your cup.
  • The benefit of personality assessments.
  • How to come back from burnout and stress.

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About Crystal Stokes
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