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Over the course of 20 years, Sabrina Beck has grown through many positions in the animal and veterinary industry. Today she is a practice manager and the founder of Blue Poodle Consulting. With her firm, she advises teams and practice managers on how to build happy and healthy veterinary teams.

Sabrina encourages hospital and clinic owners to prioritize the people in their practice because it truly pays off. When team members are happy, doing what they love to do, in a place they love to be, it affects clientele and the bottom line in a big, positive way.

When working with hospitals, Sabrina starts with diagnostics: What type of and how many team members does a clinic have available? What are the potential core problems? What IS working? When getting to the bottom of these answers, she differentiates between systems process issues versus staffing issues. She highlights the importance of defining these because even if clinics may be “short staffed” simply adjusting processes, efficiencies, moving staff around, or even additional training can be the answer to the problem before adding new team members. In fact, Sabrina notes that adding more people to a problematic hospital will usually create more problems, spend more money, and lead to more turnover. She works to solve the problem, and then adds the RIGHT new team members if necessary.

If you’re in need of Sabrina’s problem-solving skills and consulting services, she encourages anyone to reach out. You can reach her via the Blue Poodle Consulting website.

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What’s Inside

  • Why clinics should place team members in positions they love.
  • Getting started toward a happy and healthy veterinary team.
  • Consulting for better practice management.
  • How to identify and differentiate problems in a veterinary practice.
  • Can adding new team members create MORE problems in a clinic?
  • How can training contribute to a happier clinic team?

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About Crystal Stokes
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