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I met Daniel Valdes during a Celeritas Digital virtual peer group discussion (stay tuned till the end and check the links so you can get involved). Daniel is a dedicated project manager with Celeratis, a technology company with a heavy hand in animal health.

Daniel has a personal connection to the vet industry and veterinary wellness, not only as a pet owner but also with his veterinarian sister. He has a strong passion for creating a better relationship and closing the gap with vet med and technology.

In our discussion, he shares innovative ideas to ease the pain points for veterinarians by utilizing solutions from the industries around us. Like simple technology to make queues and wait time easier and more bearable on the vet med and client side.

Most notably, Daniel has worked with NOMV [Not One More Vet] to create an app. This application, now makes NOMV’s incredible resources for veterinarians right into the pockets of people who need them.

Daniel and Celeritas Digital are working to create surprising and needed opportunities for technology and the vet med industry.

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What’s Inside

  • Celeritas Digital, technology for animal health.
  • Innovative solutions for veterinary pain points.
  • Bettering the relationship of vet med and technology.
  • A resourceful app for a critical Veterinary organization, NOMV.

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About Crystal Stokes
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