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A fun bunch joins me for this episode. I sat down with Dr. Chad Ely, Dr. Jessica Schultz, Dr. Lindsey Goeckner, and Dr. Mara Fehrenbacher from Effingham Vet Clinic.

During our conversation, the glue that holds them together was no surprise. Humor. The team at Effingham has no shortage of jokes for each other when it comes to work. They find that taking a lighthearted laugh is the best cure for stress, even in intense situations. They describe their natural boundaries and capacity for poking fun (even at themselves) as a huge contribution to their happy atmosphere.

They’re not wrong either, because when it comes to vet clinics, Effingham has a great retention rate. What’s the secret sauce? Alongside Dr. Ely, the colleagues chime in with what value they find in their practice: mentorship, trust, and understanding; personal and professional support; cohesive practice; people that make you want to stay; and a great mix of age and experience.

They share some great stories throughout the episode about their appreciation for their clinic and how they’ve handled stressful emergencies. It’s always about their team. Every new hire is first and foremost added as a cohesive piece, so that the support, camaraderie, and family at Effingham Vet Clinic are ever-growing. It might be work, BUT it’s supposed to be fun.

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What’s Inside

  • How does humor and happy people impact veterinary practice?
  • The secret sauce for high retention.
  • Creating a cohesive practice with trust and support.
  • “It’s supposed to be fun,” something we may forget when it comes to work.

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About Crystal Stokes
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